All basement water problems can be overcome with one or more of the Basement Technologies patented, state-of-the-art solutions.
The Water Trek Aqua Route® - By far the most common source of basement water is the seam between the foundation walls and the basement floor. Basement Technologies’ flagship product is therefore the exclusive Water Trek Aqua Route, which is custom-installed in every basement to adapt to any footing, floor and wall configuration and prevents water from ever making it to the cellar floor. Unlike older technology drain systems, the Water Trek installs much more easily and safely, and is self-cleaning, so it will never clog – and is thus guaranteed for the life of the structure.
The Water Grabber® - The "heart and lungs" of the Water Trek system is the patented Water Grabber sump liner combined with our best-in-the-industry sump pumps by Bell & Gossett (ITT). Everything about the superior design of the clearly different Water Grabber sump liner is aimed at ensuring that all of the common causes of pump system failures are eliminated.
Bell & Gossett Pumps: Simply the best - Bell & Gossett is the premier American maker of heavy-duty industrial pumps in the country, and have downsized some of their special technology especially for Basement Technologies. The result is some truly exceptional sump pumps, designed to move serious volumes of water over a long period of time. Our B&G pumps are available in several sizes and feature heavy duty lower ball bearing construction with upper sleeve bearings, cast iron body, Class B insulation, built-in overload protection, oil-filled design, and reliable vertical float mechanisms. The 3/4 hp model pumps an astounding 4620 gallons per hour at up to 37 feet vertically.
Backup Battery Pumps – Of course any system that utilizes a pump needs the power to be on – or at least needs to keep functioning until power is restored or a generator can be started up. That’s the role of a battery backup pump, and our Stallion Eliminator is designed to be the best battery-powered sump pump on the market. If the power goes out, or if your primary pump fails, the 12v DC Stallion comes on automatically, ready to pump a hefty 3700 gallons per hour for up to 9 hours. (With lower volumes of water it will run up to 24 hours on a single charge.) The Stallion comes standard with a self-charger and alarm to let you know battery condition and when it is operating. Run time can also be extended with an additional battery.
Along with these primary water control systems comes an unmatched variety of optional cove bases, alternative Water Trek shapes, and other devices so that we are sure we can install a fully functional system in your basement, no matter what footing configuration or wall construction type you have, no matter how many levels you have, how much the floor thickness varies, no matter if there are multiple sources of water, etc.