Every basement is at least a little different, so with the experience gained from nearly 400,000 installed solutions, Basement Technologies has developed many patented products and a variety of techniques to improve virtually any situation.

No matter where the water’s coming in, we can contain, direct, and discharge it – and we even have exclusive products to deal with the discharge in difficult yards with limited space or contrary grading.
A partial list:      
Crawlspaces – Whether they flood or are just damp, our Crawlspace Conduit® solution can make your crawlspace completely dry and usable for storage, utilizing a clean and very durable flex-liner, perhaps with its own pump system or dehumidifier.
Multiple wall leaks (including fieldstone walls) – Permanently block all water coming through the walls and carry it harmlessly into the Water Trek Aqua Route below with patented Fieldstone Conduit™.
Bulkhead or Door Leaks (including garage) – Solved with the combination of a floor grate and adjacent Water Trek® system. Catches even large volumes of water and carries them to your Water Grabber® and Pump System to be safely discharged away from the foundation.
Window Well Leaks – Multiple options depending on configuration and water source(s).
Wall Cracks – Patented Techni-Crack® warranteed solution provides double protection of an injected sealant and an exclusive interior barrier strip epoxied over the crack. Can be fed into the Water Trek or a dedicated dry well.
The Lawn Magnum® – Unique patented product developed by Basement Technologies with a Canadian manufacturer to distribute high volumes of discharge water in an environmentally safe manner over a long period of time. This has to be seen to be believed. Only 28" high by 17" wide, the Lawn Magnum is installed in a mere 4’ deep hole, surrounded by a minimum amount of stone – a huge improvement over large and very costly dry wells. Made of activated charcoal, Portland cement, and other proprietary materials, the Lawn Magnum can recharge the aquifer with 3,000 GALLONS of potable water per hour – enough to solve most home discharge problems on even the most difficult properties. In severe situations, multiple units can be used.
The Tech Deck™ and Hot Floor™ - Highly cost-effective patented flooring systems that solve the condensation and other problems usually associated with carpeting or tiling concrete basement floors.