Our patented solutions from Basement Technologies® solve virtually any wet basement issues permanently, without the expense and inconvenience of digging up your entire yard – guaranteed!
At the heart of our family of wet basement solutions is the patented, exclusive Water Trek Aqua Route®, which relieves water pressure buildup by leading the approaching water into our innovative Water Grabber® and pump system, which then discharges the water safely out of your home. In addition, we have a full array of products designed to address any additional source of basement water – bulkhead, windows, cracks, etc. With nearly 400,000 Basement Technologies systems already installed, every system is custom-designed, so we have the perfect fix for every wall type and every footing configuration. From the best sump pumps in the industry to high-capacity battery backups to top-notch wraps and vapor barriers for fieldstone walls and crawlspaces, no-nonsense dehumidifiers, high-tech basement flooring and wall treatments and much more, our state-of-the-art solutions can’t be beaten.
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Our systems install in your basement, so we are able to fix your water problems promptly, in any season. And our written guarantees are even transferable to a future owner. Call now for a free professional analysis, and solutions for your wet basement.