Air Mop® 2
Whether or not your basement actually floods or has visible water penetrating the walls, floor, bulkhead, etc., chronic dampness from condensation, high humidity, etc. is a significant issue.

Damp, musty air not only produces unpleasant odors, but also breeds mold, dust mites, and other health hazards. And it is not unusual for 40% of the air breathed in the home by your family to have come from the basement.
High humidity also damages stored tools, photographs, books, furniture, and more.
Air Mop® 2 - Our no-nonsense dehumidifier is the Air Mop® 2 – a high capacity, low profile unit that can be installed with our without ducting, and will empty directly into your Water Grabber or Water Trek. Just set it and forget it. With no buckets to empty, it handles up to a 3,000 square foot basement, and will remove up to 90 pints of water per day, down to only 40°F (compared to competitors’ 56°).
Humid-Evac™ - Homes have been described as having 6 "sides" – one roof, 4 walls, and a basement floor. Independent studies have shown that a large portion (up to 80%) of the moisture in a basement originates under the floor slab. A dehumidifier like the Air Mop 2 does an excellent job of drying out damp air – but the Humid-Evac actually draw moist air out from under the slab before it ever reaches the basement, and will reduce condensation effects on the floor during humid periods as well. Humid-Evac works best in conjunction with a full-perimeter Water Trek system, which increases communication of damp air under the slab.
Bonair by Humidex® - The 3rd option in humidity control is the Bonair, which installs in your basement and is an air exchanger that will draw stale, damp air from your basement and expel it to the outside. Warmer and drier air from the upstairs is then drawn down into the basement, taking with it built-up chemical vapors, allergens, mold spores, and more. Bonair makes your home healthier with up to 10 complete changes of air per day.